The New,

New Build

Plans for new homes on land west of Stothert Street, Wigan.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website to learn more about our plans at land west of Stothert Street, Wigan.

The proposals will see approximately 110 high quality new homes in a variety of styles and sizes for private rent.

In the ongoing housing crisis at both a national and local level, renters are often the worst affected, getting trapped into expensive short-term tenancies in suboptimal and outdated accommodation that is sometimes not properly maintained by the property owner. The plans for the land west of Stothert Street aim to address this problem by providing local renters with high quality, new build houses with long term tenancies that are managed by a responsible developer, Letta.

We know that it takes more than brick and mortar to build a new community. What makes a house a home is its setting. That is why our plans include space for around 10,000sqm of greenspace linked with public pedestrian routes. We will plant new trees throughout the site, as well as retaining existing trees where possible to create a green vibrant area.

You can view the plans below and learn more about Northstone’s approach to home building.

Our Vision

The proposals will deliver approximately 110 new high quality homes for private rent. These plans offer the opportunity to create a new community to new and existing residents, retaining and planting new trees and hedgerows, and creating new pedestrian and cycleways through the development.

An overview of the plans is provided below:

Homes for everyone

  • Approximately 110 new high quality homes for local renters.
  • A range of house sizes and types to meet the needs of local people.

A sustainable development, helping to reduce costs

  • Designed to embrace natural features and provide a central green corridor.
  • Pedestrian-led development designed to slow traffic and prioritise residents.
  • Smart technology to save heat and water use, as well as triple glazed windows, giving the highest sustainability standards.

Publicly accessible greenspace

  • Around 10,000 sqm of greenspace linking the site with footpaths through the development and into existing routes.
  • New hedge and tree planting throughout the site as well as retaining existing trees where possible.
Site plan (Click to enlarge)

About Northstone

Northstone is part of Peel L&P, and we’re passionate about our heritage in the North. We innovate, adapt and regenerate spaces and places. We create energy-efficient homes in community-focused spaces that shape the future of living. Northstone has challenged and elevated traditional property development principles in home building. Our award-winning designs have been informed by our vast experience and the ‘wish-list’ knowledge we’ve gained over the years from occupiers and homeowners.

One of our key commitments is to build affordable homes within our developments that are accommodating to a range of people at different stages of life. That is why we design homes for those starting their careers and for those wanting larger family homes. We want to ensure more people can have access to a home suitable for their way of life.

Our homes provide open-plan, uncluttered spaces featuring clever storage solutions to maximise living areas, as well as high ceilings and large floor to ceiling windows to increase natural light for residents.

The New, New Build

We design & build communities for better living

Our approach goes beyond just building new homes, we build new communities. Don’t take our word for it though, watch the video below to hear from a family who has decided to make a Northstone house their home.

Reducing Your Cost of Living

Northstone homes also exceed standard energy-efficiency requirements by providing household technology that is proven to lower energy bills. These include energy-efficient windows and doors, heat-save technology, intelligent heating systems, waste-limiting building specifications and all of our homes will have EV charge points as well as fast charging hubs on site. In addition, the homes will use a pioneering intelligent home automation system, Wondrwall, a Showersave waste-water heat recovery system, triple glazing as standard and all homes will come with hyper-fast Grain broadband guaranteed from move-in day. 

Our homes will continue to exceed building standards energy efficiency requirements through the following features: 

Future Homes Standard [Click to enlarge]

About Letta

The new homes will be managed by Letta, part of Peel L&P that specialises in rented properties. Renting with Letta gives you exclusive access to high quality, well-managed rental accommodation in suburban neighbourhoods that suit a range of lifestyles and more agile working patterns.

Our partnership approach offers a better choice of housing managed by a trusted landlord and the reassurance of a homebuilder that’s heavily invested in creating sustainable communities. Letta can bring you smart, energy efficient houses, alongside end-to-end property management services so you can kick back and relax in your new abode. 

We want the communities we create to thrive long into the future, and we want you and yours to be a part of them. More than just bricks and mortar, Letta’s homes truly understand the needs of modern living and you can find your new pad across the North West now. 


In preparing our vision for new homes in the area, our technical team has undertaken detailed assessments on a range of issues. You can learn more about our technical work under the headings below.


Northstone has commissioned an independent Noise Impact Assessment which shows the development would be compliant with local and national policy. Furthermore, the new homes will include appropriate glazing and ventilation to ensure that distant traffic noises are minimised for new residents.

In addition, the plans include an acoustic barrier to the south of the site to further reduce noise in the area.

Air Quality

We are conducting an assessment of the impact of the proposed development on local air quality as well as the suitability of the site in terms of air quality.

A dust assessment will be completed to inform the specific mitigation measures required to ensure that residual dust impacts during the construction phase are not significant. Air quality modelling will be completed to assess the impact of the operational road traffic associated with the proposed development on local air quality.

Using sources such as the Local Authority’s monitoring network and the Defra LAQM support tools it has been concluded that the site is suitable for residential use in terms of air quality.


 The site is located within fluvial Flood Zone 1 (Low probability), and within an area defined as being at Very Low risk.

The site therefore has a very low risk of surface water flooding and a negligible risk of groundwater flooding.

Transport & Highways

An assessment of the transport implications of the scheme is being conducted. This considers access to the site, its accessibility to local facilities and services by sustainable modes of travel such as walking and cycling and also the impacts of the traffic flows generated by the development proposals.

Access is to be provided from the existing junction on to Gibfield Park Way, with this section opened to traffic. The streets within the site have been designed to be pedestrian friendly and accommodating to the likely types of vehicles that will enter the site. There are many local facilities and services which can be reached on foot or by bike and local bus services and railway stations are also accessible. The proposals will generate lower traffic levels than the previously approved employment scheme on the site, but irrespective of this the traffic flows resulting from the new residential uses will not have material impacts on the surrounding road network.

Overall, the proposals will be consistent with local and national policy in transport terms.

Landscaping and Biodiversity

The proposals include around 10,000 sqm of landscaped greenspace throughout the site.

We will include new pedestrian routes throughout the site, as well an undertaking a tree planting programme to create a vibrant green surrounding.

The existing wildlife corridors on site will be maintained to encourage movement throughout the development. In addition, we will include bird boxes, bat bricks and hedgehog highways to allow local wildlife to flourish.

Local Services

As part of the planning process, Northstone will work with Wigan Borough Council to understand the current provision of local services and how new homes in the area might affect them. Should it be required, Northstone will make a contribution to invest in local services. New homes in an area provides new Council Tax income for the Council to fund and improve local services. New residents also result in increased spending in local shops providing a boost to the economy.

Virtual Exhibition

You can learn more about our proposals by exploring our virtual exhibition below. You can click, drag and move the screen to see different parts of our proposals. Click on a number to bring up an exhibition board.

Your Views

Thank you for taking the time to visit our consultation website. The next stage of the process is for Northstone to submit a planning application to Wigan Borough Council. As we develop the planning application, your feedback is important to us.

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